Pelican Alley has an honest, uncompromising approach to food preparation,
friendly and helpful service and a relaxed waterfront atmosphere that is
redolent of Florida of another era.

Pelican Alley comes by its "old-days" ambiance honestly, because the little
building has been a bayside gathering spot for over 50 years. It began as a
modest fish-camp bar known as the Gulf-en-Bay Club

 that later became Fred and Alice's and then, in the '70s was known as
Admiral's Wardroom.

A familiar "good" feeling from those old days remains in the present Pelican
Alley, despite the interior transormation into a more modern, New England
seaside decor.

There's seating inside for just 88, with window views of a fenced garden or
the busy Intracoastal Waterway, and there are a few more booths remaining
outside on the covered patio for take-outs and drinks.

The decor and the cooperative spirit of the place all come from shared
experiences in restaurants in Vermont, New Hampshire and Nantucket Island,
where the various innovations that characterize the Alley have proved
successful in maintaining the steady friendship of returning customers.

"We don't serve food, we serve people. And we keep seeing more and more
familiar faces year after year. It's gratifying having our customers become

Pelican Alley is located on Florida's Gulf Coast, 20 miles south of Sarasota
and 4 miles north of Venice. It sits directly on the Intracoastal Waterway at
the south drawbridge to Casey Key and beautiful Nokomis Beach.